My favorite asian cam girl CutyBeauty

CutyBeauty is my fav of all the cam gals out here man so hot. Down to earth and she is not as serious as her bio says. She has that aura around her that says she is a gal that if you saw at the bar or somewhere she would talk to you and not brush you off like a bitch that all the other babes are. Not to say that women are bitches but some are and she is not. Just saying. She might even drink a pint or two with you.
So I came here and I was like ok lets see this bullshit. Because I didn’t think I was going to like it. So i click on her pic and it opens her chat room with her dressed in a sexy lingerie stockinged outfit looking so sweet. She was chatting with some dudes i can’t remember but she was cool. She wasn’t so obscene like some other babes I saw here. I click and the first thing I see is her Asian ass, like the huge ass in front of the camera! I was like damn! I like the nudity and the view but damn baby not so fast I need some romance first. Old school head I am. So back to the point, CutyBeauty was so nice looking I had to join in on the fun so I just register. So I can be recognized as the boss. Fly boss masta of the dizasta. I threw out some comments. Nothing special, just some casual hey whassup, show me your boobs play with your pussy type of stuff. I don’t go in the details at first I just check the terrain see. I’m like Rambo I check the temperature of the jungle when I go into the rumble. So, she was all cool, shaking the ass a bit, I liked it, she was cool. These other morons were like telling her to jam a heel up her pussy! Now c’mon man seriously! She is only 20, she a young buck she don’t do shit like this, she is an oriental lady. So I come in, I says: “You so beautiful like a Bonsai.” And also I said: “I like Karate Kid…Mr.Miyagi he is awesome.” She giggled. Because she liked it. So that’s when I knew she is a sweet lady and then I was like fuck it. Private, register and go to hell. So I did the whole registry thing and she did a show for me. Maaan a whole another story. Turns she is a sexy and horny Asian mamacita eager to fuck herself so hard it was amazing. The babe does all the kinky stuff I imagined she would do, but better. Damn. I was hooked. Sweet lingerie, sweet boobs, ass perfect. The whole show was perfect. So after a week I was like damn this babe is all right. I gave her likes and stuff she knows me. She does stuff for me. So yeah the whole experience is amazing. CutyBeauty is sexy and if anyone wants to check her show it is a good one I know.