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EasternFlower is a babe who will not leave you feeling flat no doubt. She is the nest of the best I’ve seen in along while as the fetish I have with the sexy Asian sis off the hook. The babe I love is Lima as she is one of the bustiest Asian babes around and I’ve never ever seen anyone look like her. She is a young lass who is a bisexual also and she is down for dirty things. As the models lined up I chose her as she had the cutest face I have ever seen.

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The chest is also a factor but not so much as the chick is a super stunner any way you look at it. So I was like, ok lets see this babe what can she do. So I chatted with her for a bit just so I can get acquainted with her a bit because I love to get to know a gal before the freaky stuff comes along. I am a romantic like that. So anyways the show was awesome we talked a bit and she seemed cool.

She is a speedy writer I must say she really gave it all. Real nice babe I must admit. She is also down for all these schoolgirl type of stuff it was amazing. I like the way she is dressed in all her skimpy school girl skirts and all of the revealing braziers. So cool. Also she really loves to show off her smarts in the chats so she is not so animated like the rest of the gals but she really can do some nasty shit once she comes to the private session. Yes I did that. And I never did that before but now I just had to. So we chatted a bit and she was amazing.

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The boobs on her are so sweet. Not so big butt not small either. She has nice nipples and she is a cute little sex rocket as she is down for some nasty stuff. I asked her to do it for me anally and she was ok with it. I loved her for it and she then and there became my fav little sex princess on the whole webchat. So nice and so awesome. Then the show got a bit intense as she used her sex toy to gape her Asian little hole and make her cum so hard. This is what I was expecting the whole day. For her to moan like a slut that she is but to do it like all other Asian sluts do. Loud and annoyingly. I like that. She did and than I was like, what else is this babe gonna do because during our whole session we made a bond and I believe I will definitely go again to her chat room and make her do even nastier stuff than what we did before. I strongly urge you all to visit Sasa and give her some compliments.